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Dr. shoes three strategies to teach you how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-03-12 15:33:27 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: the library name shoes] Print & nbsp; Close [Chinese shoes Network - Nike shoes and life] swept the world as one brand sports shoes, Nike shoes are imitation is very rampant, because the next line of Nike shoes are generally less discount entity store, expensive, different Local discount the intensity is different, the procurement of goods is different, so many consumers prefer to buy online. I encountered a problem, how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes. That exactly how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes do, a lot of Nike foundries, there are China's Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, although the origin is not the same, but the quality is almost all the same; but different price Nike shoes , quality may vary greatly. Here to teach you the recipe for how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes, like Nike shoes want to help fans. The first way: one to one ratio of The most scientific way is to carry out a shoe than a comparison, seeing is believing. will buy Nike shoes and Nike with Num styles (same style, same color) is one of the comparison, such as non-discriminatory, it must be genuine. If there are still nuances may further comparison, because this may be because the nuances of different origin (different plants) and normal differences between different batches of the year, may be the same number, but it may slightly when the material reproduction of the following year adjustment; If you still have doubts, you can make the brand the company confirmed. In the case could not find the same style, the same paragraph with Ni Retro jordans for sale ke compare different color. The key is to look at the sole difference, if the sole, the basic can be judged as genuine. Because of the difficulty the sole development of the largest, often accounting for more than one-third of the total cost of the shoes, fakes to do the same with the genuine quality, the cost is too high. Note that if you are through the Internet to view the official website of the picture and style than fashion, it is possible because when shooting light and other factors material color. The second way: counter-validation The net purchase of Nike shoes, Nike counters to get the lower line shops were true and false identification, there are three issues, namely, not purchased from the store, the clerk has no obligation to help the non-customer authenticity; the second is often clerk Online shopping has greater resentment, if not an acquaintance, usually deal with the matter; the third is now the store's clerk mobility, a lot of new professional staff and not enough in itself, but Nike launched thousands each year, a shop purchases and sales of Nike styles very limited, the clerk did not understand some of a commodity is also normal. Seen in this light, the inspection counter may not be 100% reliable. If you really want to Nike store or counter inspection, it is recommended: First, he found the same style than serious, I believe their vision; the second is that if you want to ask, do not say it is online shopping, do not disclose the price, to avoid staff motivation frustrated. Third, ask true and false judgment basis, and then judge for themselves accuracy. The third way: the identification submitted by the retailer Nike In general, the company will not be accepted genuine brand identification to apply for individual consumers, the relevant state authorities can not be ver jordan 3 katrina 2018 ified. If you are a brand of shoes purchased online, in the case of the above-mentioned identification methods are still unable to determine, you can contact customer service staff, well after the shoes unique mark express mail, the merchant determines that the shoes by after sales, through official and Nike communicate directly, according to the formal process of official identification. Tip: Currently the most widely circulated on the network designer shoes authenticity identification method, identification method is standard shoes. In fact, shoes standard differential alone is not strict. First, the subject of imitation shoes cost extremely low, when large-scale production of less than 1 cents; secondly, the same brand, even if the style is authentic, because different origin, different plants, different batches, there may be subtle differences in the underlying shoes ; Third, some of the letters and lines to the differences between the level of hasty, different styles, different plants and different production periods, often adjust shoes standard size based on the shoes, leading to subtle changes in character pitch. Therefore, we in the identification of the authenticity of the online shopping designer shoes, not simply by virtue of shoes standard to judge. Everyone understood that the gap between true and false larger shoes, many shoes lovers or "experts" got some identification, "tricks", but Nike, Adidas and other brands and production processes are dynamic changes, there is no universal magic. Internet often can see all kinds of brands of shoes to identify the authenticity of the article, as users of personal opinion, it is recommended when viewing, refer to the above method to identify, not directly as the final criterion. (Media Partner: True Australian Kangaroo Leather & nbsp; m cheap foamposites Nick Mount Hee shoes) Related newsPlayers adidas Los Angeles sports a new color design "Dark Blue" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-07-31 10:14:09 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 31 hearing, adidas Originals has again brought a pair of new "Dark Blue" color of the year for the return to Los Angeles. Retro shoes by a large area breathable mesh material composition, three bars dotted on both sides at the same time into the TPU reinforcement, together with EVA midsole and Continental & reg; rubber outsole in a uniform dark blue hue neat presentation. Currently, the shoes have landed Sneaker Politics, priced at $ 100. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News Brand Recommended: Jin Chang & nbsp; Four Seasons Bear) & nbsp; sweep swept away! Participate in the "Top Ten Chinese shoe brand" vote Related news"did you lose the gold axe or the silver axe?" "I believe this fable is familiar to everyone, and now adidas has thrown a question for everyone." do you want a gold shell or a silver shell? "." adidas's classic shoes, Superstar just celebrate the birth of 30th anniversary, this time in order to welcome the arrival of the new year, the brand will re color, launched the Gold Toe, Silver Toe two color matching. In black and white as the base building, especially in the shell head make a fuss mark, used metallic gold and silver color collocation, create a genuine gold, Yinbei shell head, plus leather shoes, the shoes in the classic appearance showing the avant-garde style, and not loss of brand. now, have you decided whether you want a gold shell or a silver shell? The series is scheduled to debut next month. source: jordans on sale mens KineticsLeBron Soldier series is the newest version of the Nike Zoom Soldier shoe is VII color and dazzle the eyes new colors, recently re launched. Hyperfuse is a lightweight shoe with a metallic blue color, texture points, double color shoe design using the recently popular mixed fabric shoes, white tongue and collocation lining, soles, also use red design to highlight the details of the overall design, let people have the American team feeling on the pitch is certainly quite eye-catching a color. Taiwan is now on the market, like a friend quickly went to the shoe store to see, do not miss luo! Model: photograph: AfewNike Air Max 97 this year ushered in the 20th anniversary anniversary, in addition to the classic original color regression, the brand also released many new styles to celebrate the shoes of the twenty year old birthday. Full line sense is the appearance of designer Christian Tresser in access to 1997 on the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train inspiration, structured shoes also naturally become the next creative display block, recently and we meet this "Snakeskin" is the concept of the snake embossed Lin Building, the body of the shoe in a monochromatic as basal extension between the lines, each has a unique blend of tonal exclusive, the overall level is quite rich, low-key coloring is good visual enjoyment. source: / Nike sports brand PUMA and Rihanna singer from 2014 cooperation so far to wipe out many dazzling spark, with its own brand FENTY launched a series of branded footwear, clothing, and this year with Kylie Jenner models also have good cooperation, and high popularity among adolescents in the United States he can see more attention for the brand new cohort. PUMA, the women's movement led by the two, did bring Puma sales up 3.7 percentage points to about $973 jordans on sale online million in the first quarter of 2016. PUMA's recent sales growth has come mainly from the rise in shoe sales, which, according to statistics, grew by 8.5 percentage points, including women's shoes. There is no doubt that pioneered by Rihanna new women's clothing style can be described as a big success, which in February published in the activities of the New York fashion week has important effect, and was the debut of fashion shoes Fenty Trainer both fashion styling and functional framework, breaks through the traditional female shoes. On the other hand Kylie Jenner influence in the youth also played a key role, in addition to this season's endorsement of Fierce training shoes, his influence in the Internet community media have led to PUMA product sales. With these two indicators of influence and revenue growth, brand investment can be well worth it. "we're happy to see sales growth, especially in the women's sports field, with new marketing concepts and new product launches already beginning to show results.". "The president of the PUMA, Bj RN Gulden, said. Effect of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner of continuous fermentation, the women's movement of PUMA products has been successfully out of their own unique style, and then how to develop, I believe that this will be continued to be the focus of attention. source: Fashionista / Complex / Entertainment Tonight both emphasized the function of the shoes, or is the flagship Lifestyle models, Boost cushioning technology in the promotion of the brand of adidas Group, can be said to be omnipresent, now once again launched a new brand of shoes Adidas PureBOOST Xpose. Adidas PureBOOST Xpose PureBOOST series specifically designed for women's shoes styles, configuration with Mesh mesh uppers, socks shoes collar, plus the whole piece in the bottom of the Boost. air jordan 11 space jam for sale Interestingly, the Adidas PureBOOST Xpose arched the middle of the shoe at the midsole to give the dress a better fit and a different experience than before. adidas Pure Boost Xpose, currently launched white, black, blue, orange, gray five colors, has been available on the adidas official website, priced at $130. source: Sneakersnstuff yes, you read the title, I Scottie Pippen today on its own? Instagram posted a title called "Pippen 6 Coming soon" photos, the figure is own and designer Marc Dolce is discussing the details of the new shoes, can vaguely see there could be a new Logo. The distance of a pair of Pippen shoes has been 12 years, the Scottie? Pippen? Barkley and Charles joined? Penny Hardaway's ranks, let your shoes legend continue, although the draft stage, but I believe many fans of shoes should be quite looking forward to finished, let us continue to wait quietly. source: @ScottiePippen? Taiwan found more and more people experience just unfolding, and join the ranks of runners, and the upcoming marathon season is key, in order to create the most personalized and unique personal style of running equipment, the world's largest, is located in Taipei Xinyi District Nike Neo19 run store experience 12.10 will launch five personalized service help, running to create personal style, customized exclusive your marathon season. is not just a popular street to personality style, participated in the Berlin marathon runner Zhao Ge to share with us, "I was just wearing their English name Chao Go jacket for the marathon, the enthusiasm of the people along the YiGouGou shouted" Go! Chao! ", is really full of energy! "This time, the design of customized clothing will be added to the design, it can be said to be running a group of intimate services, so that originally wanted to be personal sports r Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale unning, adding to the team atmosphere. If next week's game friends, tomorrow can also with the number of cloth to Neo19, will have good performance! believes that there are many people living around many friends love jogging, "even when you want to hold the hope of humanity, go to watch a marathon" saying, either side or on the activity, we also run the actual share through, feel running for the influence of life. From the age of thirty-one began running the Zhao brother is a good example of a body to improve the idea, to the quality of life with the body appeared quite a big change, now a week can run on twelve times, he was unable to imagine, every week running as a fixed Zhao brother and his wife to the fixed date of travel! A simple exercise changes lifestyle. offers a variety of running experience in the Nike Neo19 store, Prev 1, of 5, Next stressed that he is Lunar runner Zhao brother said "actually my first meeting a friend wearing a thin bottom shoes sports feel very handsome, but neglect their running environment, in the design of the bottom LunarEpic now is in line with their various running surfaces form, can be assured to go to practice", and choose the shoes like this, we have seen a lot of foot measurement and related recommendations, while Nike Neo 19 running store experience further suggested that run in the store treadmill test run, also have an appointment will be able to borrow shoes at home in a week experience, let runners can choose from more practical experience for their own shoes. guest service in Neo19, through the three stage of production, so that the function of clothing transformation before and after the function is not lost, Prev 1, of, 8, Next for runners prepared equipment small things Prev 1, of 6, NextFor details of related activities, please refer to NIKE N jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black EO19 to create personalized exclusive services, runners up, marathon press releases, you do not know the rookie challenge mountain cats player? Kemba Walker Under Armour Charge on the foot? BB Low there is an impression? They are quite attractive eye color PE and its inspiration from the beautiful sunset for the Houston light color, the overall color is composed of a fluorescent green and black and bright pink looks pretty rosy Charge BB, which itself is a double cylinder ultra high basketball shoes so low version of it is still a little high this is everyone on this "double low" shoes tube more questions, the news that this pair of Charge BB? Low will be in this year's autumn sale in foreign countries. source: solecollector? Palladium Summer Blanc Collection 2013-12-08 23:37:52 ten play as five has over 60 years of experience in footwear, from southern France PONT DE town of CHERUY Palladium, early in the last century will be relying on the wear characteristics have the classic PAMPA BOOTS shoes and comfortable wearing, French military appreciation, become Army Special Forces shoe manufacturer. Palladium has been through the canvas and rubber material made countless shoes masterpiece, more successful through durable, comfortable and timeless classic settings, successfully get the global fashion circle of high concern. 's Palladium design team this season is particularly looking for its BLANC OXFORD and BLANC HI models, through red, yellow, blue, purple, green...... As many as 15 eye-catching coloring, to create a famous Summer Blanc Collection series, so that the shoes are more suitable for this thermometer burst table midsummer wear. Air Jordan 5 "Gold Tongue" in real appreciation 2016-08-11 11:42:56 network today brought us Air Jordan 5 "Gold Tongue" in the real picture, white hig cheap air jordans h-quality leather uppers, with black and gold details, so that the contrast is very strong. And the jump color design is more in line with the current wear and ride demand. But since early September there will be a variety of "super" shoes sold it as the intermittent period of products, I do not know will not get feedback on market expectations. The day before yesterday, Nike officially announced the James to build a new LeBron 11 Elite Team boots, a modified version of the release of the LeBron 11 to fit James's style, so pay more attention to the weight of shoes and protective in design. The combination of Hyperposite and dynamic shoes fly line can protect the perfect combination, while using Lunarlon and Nike Zoom shock unit can combat maximum performance, this is definitely a pair to bear the torsion force and pressure and ensure the air permeability and lightweight shoes. The friend who has driven LeBron 11 will not miss this carefully improved new work. Please be sure to lock up the following information when you are interested. item: 642846-001Release date: nike-lebron-11-elite-team-01-570x570.jpg (77.27 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-3-14 upload at 23:29 item: BY3013 release date: August 17th adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013.jpg (286.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-1.jpg (327.72 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-2.jpg (329.23 KB, download times: 0) 〉Sneaker, Freaker, x, Puma, Blaze, of, Glory, SHARKBAIT, debut magazine "Sneaker Freaker" famous shoes and sports brand Puma has repeatedly to create joint version of Blaze of Glory, f buy cheap jordans online ollowing the earlier a shark skin material Blaze of Glory "Black Beast", the two sides once again choose shark skin material, launched a new Blaze of Glory SHARKBAIT "". Shoe this paragraph with very pure water lake blue is given priority to tone, send out a cool and refreshing beach amorous feelings, deserve to be decorated with many aureate aureate again, for integral modelling, still be to add a lot of points. This Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory Freaker SHARKBAIT joint shoes will be sold on December 12th at the official website of Sneaker. 01.jpg (279.49 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 02.jpg (73.78 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 03.jpg (74.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 05.jpg (92.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 06.jpg (89.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 07.jpg (93.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 08.jpg (72.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-11 upload at 11:29 09.jpg (82.9〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; August 10, 2008 visiting Iraqi Olympic Committee, with the domestic basketball equipment manufacturers work together --- Peak Group conference held in Beijing, announced the establishment of Olympic Group and the Iraqi Olympic Committee strategic partnership, the Olympic campaign will be sponsored by the delegation of Iraq 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games to provide all sports equipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "at the Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the company's international strategy is fully implemented." internationalization Pick Xu Zhihua, deputy general manager referred to, including the signing of Iraq's Olympic team, which is part of the International Olympic brand, the other part is to make full use of international capital markets. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Peak Group chairman Xu Jing Nan will be revealed later, Sequoia Capital Peak Group has become the largest shareholder, investment accounted for 7.8% of total capital, the company's next goal will be overseas listing. Time and place Jingnan market, "said the company has not been determined is in full swing, including management model, and strive to introduce aspects of talent.." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; concerned Forecast: Peak Group, a listed After or will become the third largest sporting goods manufacturer. [1626@Tokyo] "make more outstanding sports shoes, make styles according to the function of" Nike has always been adhering to the design philosophy, 25 years ago, Nike Dunk, to fully demonstrate the idea of the shoes was born. Dunk quickly became the symbol of "moving forward" and quickly swept the stadium. 25 years later, in December 18, 2011, Nike Dunk released a series of new themes ", Be, True, To, Your, Street" (showing your street color), intends to return to the trend of street sports. The Tokyo NIKE STADIUM TOKYO in Meguro at Nike Dunk on display at the 25 years of the classic shoes, on-site photography by the famous Japanese fashion photographer Arata Keiichi (from Terry Richardson) caodao. Dunk color has always been concise, lively, contrasting. Dunk initially put forward the slogan of "every school, every kind of color", but not for long, Dunk with its flat sole, expressive color, can protect the ankle function, as well as strong fighting ability and pure form are the generation of new favorite skater, and was dubbed "the new slogan each of the colors". In the early 1990s, Dunk was once low-key and quiet, but the unique vision and cultural appreciation of the Japanese critics ushered in the second spring for Dunk. In 1998, Dunk recovered. A few years later, Dunk with its color combinations not sticking to formalities again, completely break the tradition, the release of the new Dunk features in addition to keep the innovative style, also has a copy of a tribute to the classic style, it is worth looking forward to. Nike Dunk 5th anniversary;.Html" target=" _blank" ; 〉 25th anniversary review NIKE DUNK LOW (VNTG) $12600 NIKE DUNK LOW (VNTG) $12600 DUNK ARCHIVE DUNK and Atisutokorabo Dunk Archive The first series of Dunk Photo, shooting, by, Mr.K09 spring summer, you have to pay attention to the fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier (Gao Tiye). Especially its 09 years of spring and summer women's shoes, but also the theme lively. Design lady. Beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier. Nike x Nike classic Edison Chan new year new shoes collectors favorite overall look comments on A: Nike classic collectors favorite next: Edison Chan x Nike new year new shoes to seehad Sneaker incense fame YIRAN, recently jointly launched a new mainland brand SOPHINE SUN, the 2017 spring and summer series, which is a designer hometown map of Yueyang embroidered on the back, and injected into the ancient times known as "baling county" English name "BALING COUNTY" on it. In addition to the map, the opera will also wuchou (i.e., lean and humorous hero righteous decoration design with the bat). More than eighteen hell in the "pull hell" into the design, to satirize the current mouth, very low cost of the Internet era. combined ride series will be in mid 4 in Finland buyers shop 2CCM, mainland buyers shop INXX and NPC take the lead in the shelves. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! yesterday, the network has been exposed with purple pen identification Yeezy 350, V2, Boost white horse color matching true and false video. , but I'm sure you don't have a very clear get to the true and false points. Let's make a detailed explanation today. , take the white zebra in your hand and see for yourself! light to see the appearance of pure truth? Still have to use small tools?! picked up the banknote pen to you, look at the white spot immediately those "mark"! the left is true, the right is false, and one eye is distinguished. originally had a care machine even with the heel belt. look at some time early next sale of the Yeezy 350 V2 Boost black and red color! Although the red color will not shine, but there are still details to be found! can't just look at the surface, but look at it through the surface... first of all, the signs on the shoebox are fake and exquisite than genuine ones A real villain is not smooth at all. the left is false, and the right is true. Alignment of then number "CP9652" and "Boost" are also different. The fake shoebox follows the initials. True shoebox is O and C align up and down, look at the picture at a glance! above is false, and the following figure is true look at the shoe box and look at the shoes. The tongue inside the "security stripes" false, black is more obvious, more three-dimensional. Really feel flat, no sense of three-dimensional. shoes mark is also an important step to identify the true and false. , take the Yeezy in your hand. Look, Xiao Bian can only help you get here! APP download [get], WeChat public 〉

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